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Scent Notes: Tobacco | Apple | Black Pepper

Signature Candle - 9 oz - 60 hour burn time

Embark on an aromatic journey with our Voyageur Candle, a tribute to the intrepid French Canadian voyageurs of the trade era. This unique candle, available in both a 9 oz Signature size with a 60-hour burn time and a travel-friendly 4 oz size with a 25-hour burn time, encapsulates the essence of the wilderness they traversed.

Its scent profile weaves together the robust aroma of tobacco, the crisp sweetness of apple, and a bold twist of black pepper, reminiscent of the voyageurs' resilience and adventurous spirit. As you light this candle, picture the voyageurs, adorned in their iconic red toques and sashes, navigating their canoes through uncharted waters.

The Voyageur Candle is not just a source of light and fragrance; it's a homage to the enduring legacy of those who paddled across the vast Canadian landscape, a piece of history brought to life in your home.

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Customer Reviews

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Erin Phoenix
Sexy scent

What a sexy smelling candle! I find myself picking it up for a sniff as I walk past-it's THAT good!!!!