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At Hollow Tree Candle Co., we illuminate the essence of the Pacific Northwest, translating its unmatched beauty into aromatic experiences. Rooted in our passion for this pristine region, we are driven by a vision to spotlight its preservation, extending our care to the global environment. Inspired by the vast and ageless forests, our candles—handcrafted in the heart of Whistler, British Columbia—reflect our commitment to the Earth and its future.

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Choosing only the purest of ingredients, we've pioneered the use of all-natural coconut wax, a sustainable alternative to soy and paraffin. Our distinct fragrances, masterfully blended in Grasse, France, echo nature's symphony, derived solely from authentic plant distillations and essential oils.

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tree planting

Hollow Tree Candle Co. is not merely a brand; it's a reflection of our profound love and respect for the forests that envelop our world in beauty and serenity. Our deep-rooted admiration for nature has inspired a commitment to give back.

With every candle you purchase from us, a tree is planted. This isn't just about numbers or marketing; it's about making a genuine difference. Through our partnership with Spout and the Eden Reforestation Projects, we proudly support global reforestation efforts that breathe life into our environment. These endeavors do more than just bring forests back to life; they rejuvenate natural habitats, bolster coral reef vitality, enhance local communities' livelihoods, and play a pivotal role in combating climate change by absorbing CO2.

At Hollow Tree Candle Co., we believe in crafting exquisite candles, but more importantly, in kindling hope for a greener, brighter world.




Hollow Tree Candle Co. took root in 2014 created out of love of the PNW by a tree planter and a forester. In 2019 Rebecca came to work for Hollow Tree and it was discover that almost 20 years ago she had visited the distillery where Hollow Tree Scents are created. It was fate.

Rebecca bought Hollow Tree in November 2022 with the intention to keep Hollow Tree true to its core ethos of eco friendly, sustainable and clean fragrance products.


Hollow Tree Candle Co. is dedicated to capturing the Pacific Northwest's beauty through sustainable coconut wax candles handcrafted in Whistler with fragrances from Grasse, France, using sustainable packaging and prioritizing environmental stewardship in every facet of our ethos.