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Raven Travel Candle All natural
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Scent Notes: Lavender | Salal | Cedarwood

Signature Candle- 9 oz - 60 hour burn time

Travel Candle - 4 oz - 25 hour burn time

Ghosts upon the forest floor, deep within the darkness, the silken wings rise.
The elusive protector of secrets, the creator of love:
A dark light flickers, the raven soars.

Embark on a mystical journey with our Raven Signature Candle, a captivating blend that intertwines the ethereal scents of Lavender, Salal, and Cedarwood. This candle is a tribute to the enigmatic and symbolic raven, a creature of mystery and guardian of secrets. As the candle burns, its fragrance evokes the mysterious ambiance of a forest at twilight, where the gentle flutter of raven wings stirs the air.

The scent is both soothing and intriguing, reminiscent of the raven's flight through the darkened woods. Light this candle to experience the allure of the raven's world, where the boundaries between the known and the unknown blur, and a sense of wonder fills the air.

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Second only to fresh beeswax

This one has made the refill list! Smooth, warm, and just fresh enough that you'll want it lit in any season. This is exactly what you would expect a candle to smell like.