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Scent Notes: Mahogany | Cognac | Leather

Signature Candle- 9 oz - 60 hour burn time

Travel Candle - 4 oz - 25 hour burn time

Experience the luxurious essence of our Railroad Candle, masterfully crafted to evoke the rich history and rugged charm of British Columbia's majestic rock mountains. This signature 9 oz candle, with an impressive 60-hour burn time, offers a layered scent profile that brings to life the serene elegance of a bygone era. The heart of the fragrance is robust mahogany, reminiscent of the polished wood interiors of a vintage railcar journeying along the golden trails of Craigellachie.

Complementing this is the deep, warming aroma of cognac, conjuring images of refined luxury amidst challenging terrain. Finally, a subtle undertone of leather adds a hint of ruggedness, paying homage to the area's rich history, particularly the momentous occasion in 1885 when the last spike was driven. Whether adorning your living space or accompanying you on your travels with our 4 oz version, offering 25 hours of burn time, this candle promises to transform your surroundings into a narrative of opulence and adventure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The best candle ever! I always go back to this one, it smells incredible.

Jacqueline Dickens
The best smelling candle EVER!!!

This is the third time I have bought this candle. The Railroad smell is truly divine. When I light the candle it literally makes the whole house smell amazing. Everyone comments about it when they visit.