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Lumberjack - Diffuser Oil

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Scent Notes: Santal | Fir Needle | Cedar Resin
Overall Smell: Woodsy
Smells Like: Cutting wood for your cabin in the woods
Instructions: Add 1 -2 drops to your diffuser of choice - add more drops according to your preference. Not for topical application 

Bring the spirit of British Columbia's forests into your home with our Lumberjack Diffuser Oil. This richly scented oil combines the deep, woodsy notes of Santal, Fir Needle, and Cedar Resin, capturing the essence of the lumberjack's life in the great outdoors. The scent is reminiscent of the hardworking lumberjacks of the 18th century, whose resilience and grit are woven into the fabric of British Columbia's folklore.

As the oil diffuses, it fills your space with the essence of the wilderness — the earthy aroma of the forest, the crisp scent of fir needles, and a hint of tobacco. Ideal for those who love the outdoors, this diffuser oil is a tribute to the timeless dance between man and nature, bringing the spirit of the lumberjack's journey into your living space.

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Customer Reviews

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Vienna Alvernaz

Smells like it should be a unisex Parfume. Great depth with santal scent and fresh cut cedar smells amazing and woodsy. Like stepping out from the woods.