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Hollow Tree Signature Ceramic Candle Vessel
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Golden Spruce

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Scent Notes: Sitka Spruce Resin | Amber | Woodsmoke
Smells like amber woodsmoke scents  in a campfire

Signature Candle- 9 oz - 60 hour burn time

Experience the essence of nature with our Golden Spruce Candle. Infused with the rich aroma of Sitka spruce resin, this candle brings the warmth of a forest campfire into your home. The deep, resinous notes are harmoniously blended with the comforting glow of amber and the crisp, nostalgic scent of woodsmoke.

Available in two convenient sizes, the Signature Candle offers a generous 9 oz volume for up to 60 hours of burn time, perfect for extended evenings of relaxation. For those on the go, our Travel Candle, at 4 oz, provides up to 25 hours of the same serene ambiance. Light this candle and let the serene forest scents envelop your space, offering a tranquil retreat from the everyday hustle.

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