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Hollow Tree Signature Candle Vessel
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Cathedral Grove

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Scent Notes: Douglas Fir | Fern | Cedar | Salal

Signature Candle- 9 oz - 60 hour burn time

Experience the enchanting allure of British Columbia's ancient forests with our Cathedral Grove candle. This candle is a tribute to the Cathedral Grove forest, home to Douglas fir giants aged up to 800 years and measuring an impressive 29 feet in diameter.

The scent composition features a harmonious blend of Douglas Fir, Fern, Cedar, and Salal, capturing the untouched essence and biodiversity of this pristine forest. Light up our Cathedral Grove candle and let its captivating fragrance transport you to the majestic pillars and serene shadows of these ancient sentinels, offering an inspiring and ethereal experience right in your home.

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Customer Reviews

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Like being in the forest

Cathedral Grove is my absolute fave scent, I can’t get enough of the earthy, grounding, comforting blend of west coast magic in a jar. These candles burn so beautifully and clean.


I bought this candle at a shop in Whistler while on vacation and loved the scent so much I tracked down the company’s website and ordered more.