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Single Scent Pod - No wick

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1 x 1/2 oz Sample Pod

Cant decide on a scent, try a scent pod first

PLEASE NOTE : These scent pods are not candles / tea-lights. They do not have a wick. We do not make these with a wick due to potential fire hazards.

The scent pods are purely to smell our scents without having to commit to a full size candle. You can repurpose the scent pods by placing them in your cupboards or drawers to make them smell nice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I’m having so much fun sampling

I don’t have a store nearby that sells these candles so I purchased a bunch of the scent pods. I use them in my wax warmer to test them out. I love the quality of the scents and now have a list of full size candles I plan to buy soon.

A nice way to sample alot of scents....

for a decent price along with the cute little containers they come in which can be reused, upcycled. Looking forward to checking out the bigger Signature candles --- soooo many to choose from as they are very enjoyable and true to scent realistic :)